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Hair Treatments

In the bustling world of beauty salons, hair treatments stand out as transformative rituals, offering a blend of pampering and rejuvenation. These sanctuaries of self-care cater to a diverse array of hair types and concerns, providing bespoke solutions for each client’s unique needs. From nourishing masks to revitalizing scalp massages, hair treatments encompass a spectrum of techniques aimed at enhancing hair health and appearance. Deep conditioning treatments replenish moisture and restore vitality to dry, damaged strands, while keratin treatments offer sleekness and manageability to unruly frizz. For those seeking vibrant color or sun-kissed highlights, salon-exclusive treatments infuse hair with radiant hues and multidimensional tones, executed with precision and artistry. The sensory experience of a hair treatment transcends mere aesthetics, enveloping clients in a cocoon of relaxation and indulgence. Aromatherapy-infused oils soothe the senses, while the gentle hum of blow dryers and the rhythmic patter of fingers massaging the scalp create a tranquil ambiance. Moreover, beyond the immediate gratification of luscious locks, regular hair treatments foster long-term benefits, promoting hair strength, resilience, and overall well-being. By entrusting their tresses to skilled stylists and luxurious products, clients embark on a journey of self-care, where every visit to the salon becomes an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation. In the realm of beauty salons, hair treatments are not merely services; they are rituals of self-love and empowerment, elevating both hair and spirit.

Hair Treatments Gallery

Hair Treatments Services Price

Hair Treatments Services

  • Loreal Hair Straightening (REBOUNDING) 4499 Rs.
  • Glatt Straightening (REBOUNDING) 3499 Rs.
  • Pro Tech Keratin 2499 Rs.
  • DXN Hair Oil Therapy With Wash 399 Rs.
  • WXN Hair Oil Therapy Without Wash 299 Rs.
  • Herbal Hair Oil Therapy With Wash 399 Rs.
  • Herbal Hair Oil Therapy Without Wash 299 Rs.

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