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Welcome to Moonshine Beauty Salon

“Moonshine Beauty Salon is a high-end beauty establishment that offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of beauty, cosmetics, and personal grooming. Located in Manjhanpur Kaushambi a prime urban area, Moonshine is dedicated to providing top-tier beauty and makeup services to their clients.”

Best Makeup

Beauty salons provide comprehensive services related to skin health, facial aesthetics, foot care, nail manicures, and aromatherapy. They also offer meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths, and many other treatments.

Best Haircut

Haircare is something that every beauty parlour provides as it is one of the essential beauty services. Haircare is essential not only for our appearance but also for our overall health.

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Makeup Service

Book your makeup services at the best salon in Manjhanpur

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Hair Cut Service

Moonshine Beauty Salon is a luxury beauty salon for ladies who want to look perfect every day.

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Skin Service

Mooshine Beauty Salon Services Wipe the Years from Your Face to Reveal A Sculpted Youthful Face

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Body Service

We start with full-body exfoliation to remove dry, dead skin.


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Ready to treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering? Booking your makeup service is easy! Simply visit our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment. Let us take care of you and make your beauty dreams a reality.”


Facial Services

  • Fruit Facial 229 Rs.
  • Hudda Beauty (PEARL) 549 Rs.
  • Hudda Beauty (GOLD) 649 Rs.
  • Zara Facial Glow 749 Rs.
  • Choclate Facial 349 Rs.
  • Soft Touch (GOLD) 599 Rs.
  • O3+ Face Glow 799 Rs.
  • O3+ Dimond 899 Rs.
  • O3+ Facial 1799 Rs.
  • Vlcc Facial (GOLD) 899 Rs.
  • Lotus (PEARL) 649 Rs.
  • Lotus (GOLD) 699 Rs.
  • Lotus (DIMOND) 749 Rs.
  • Sehnaaz (GOLD) 849 Rs.
  • Sehnaaz (DIMOND) 899 Rs.
  • Oxyge 899 Rs.

Waxing Services

  • Nose Inside 30/60 Rs.
  • Fore Head 30/60 Rs.
  • Upper Lip 30/60 Rs.
  • Half Arms 99/149 Rs.
  • Full Arms 149/249 Rs.
  • Under Arms 149/249 Rs.
  • Legs Knee Down 149/249 Rs.
  • Legs Full 349/549 Rs.
  • Hips 149/249 Rs.
  • Back 149/249 Rs.
  • Belly 149/249 Rs.
  • Full Body 1099 Rs.

Clean Up Services

  • Fruit Face Clean Up 139 Rs.
  • Herbal Face Clean Up (DXN) 199 Rs.
  • Herbal Face Clean Up (MODICARE) 199 Rs.
  • Ozone Clean Up 100 Rs.

Threading Services

  • Eye Brows 30 Rs.
  • Fore Head 5 Rs.
  • Upper Lip 5 Rs.
  • Side Burn & Nec 40 Rs.
  • Full Face 60 Rs.

Hair Cutting Services

  • Front Lazer Cutting 49 Rs.
  • Hair Triming 69 Rs.
  • U Shape 79 Rs.
  • V Shape 79 Rs.
  • V Shape With Lazer 149 Rs.
  • U Shape Three Step 249 Rs.
  • Multi Step 349 Rs.
  • Mushroom BOB 149 Rs.
  • Sadhana Cutting 99 Rs.
  • Feather Cutting 249 Rs.
  • Feather With Layer 299 Rs.
  • Baby Cut 99 Rs.
  • U Shape with Lazer 149 Rs.

Hair Treatments Services

  • Loreal Hair Straightening (REBOUNDING) 4499 Rs.
  • Glatt Straightening (REBOUNDING) 3499 Rs.
  • Pro Tech Keratin 2499 Rs.
  • DXN Hair Oil Therapy With Wash 399 Rs.
  • WXN Hair Oil Therapy Without Wash 299 Rs.
  • Herbal Hair Oil Therapy With Wash 399 Rs.
  • Herbal Hair Oil Therapy Without Wash 299 Rs.

Hair Color Services

  • Godrej Hair Color Without wash 229 Rs.
  • Godrej Hair Color With Wash 399 Rs.
  • Root Touch Up Without Wash 149 Rs.
  • Root Touch Up With Wash 199 Rs.
  • Streax Hair High Lighting One Layer 199 Rs.
  • Wella Hair High Lighting One Layer 299 Rs.

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