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In the bustling ambiance of a beauty salon, the ritual of hair coloring unfolds like an artful dance, each step orchestrated with precision and care. As a girl settles into the plush chair, excitement tinged with anticipation dances in her eyes, eager to transform her locks into a vibrant canvas of self-expression. The skilled stylist, armed with an array of hues akin to an artist’s palette, consults with the girl, discussing visions and preferences. Together, they select the perfect shade, one that will not only complement her complexion but also resonate with her personality. With gentle hands and meticulous attention, the stylist meticulously sections the hair, applying the chosen color with deftness and expertise. The air fills with the scent of professional products, a fragrance that whispers promises of transformation. As the color processes, time seems to suspend, allowing for moments of relaxation and reflection. The girl sinks into the comfort of the salon chair, perhaps thumbing through a magazine or sipping on a complimentary beverage, while the magic of chemistry works its wonders. Finally, with a rinse and a blow-dry, the masterpiece is revealed. The girl’s reflection in the mirror elicits gasps of delight – a cascade of vibrant hues now frames her face, an outward manifestation of her inner radiance. Leaving the salon, she steps into the world with newfound confidence, her hair a radiant testament to her individuality and style. In the beauty salon, amidst the hum of dryers and the chatter of stylists, a girl’s journey to hair color perfection is not just a service rendered, but a transformative experience embraced.

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Hair Color Services Price

Hair Color Services

  • Godrej Hair Color Without wash 229 Rs.
  • Godrej Hair Color With Wash 399 Rs.
  • Root Touch Up Without Wash 149 Rs.
  • Root Touch Up With Wash 199 Rs.
  • Streax Hair High Lighting One Layer 199 Rs.
  • Wella Hair High Lighting One Layer 299 Rs.

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